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Motherhood Connection

Mothers have a unique capacity to accomplish much more than the average person. For some, motherhood means raising their children and being the CEO of their household.  For others, it is balancing their home life while being a CEO of a company or running their own business. Somehow, they manage to do it all, day in and day out. 

When it comes to financial planning and protection, however, they often find themselves misinformed or at a loss for what they and their families need. This can be a problem for women in general, but even more common for mothers who have young children and urgent responsibilities. 

Eleven Eleven Advisors specializes in helping mothers understand what areas should be addressed for their families. We educate the 67% of women who say they have little knowledge of financial products and services1. We help them understand the full value of their non-salaried contributions to their household, which 43% of women under-estimate2

Financial planning and family planning go hand in hand. Decisions made at home can have long-lasting economic effects, from raising your kids to putting them through college and beyond.

No matter where you are in your life, we’ll help you prepare for all of life’s stages. 

Join us for our monthly educational events. It’s a great opportunity to learn about financial areas and get honest answers to your questions while meeting other moms in the area.

Attend our Family Financial Education Series

1 Penn Mutual Worth Survey, 2011.

2 Financial Education for Moms and All Women, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, May 8, 2011