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Family Financial Education Series

Eleven Eleven Advisors is dedicated to helping young, growing families take control of their future and get their financial to do list done. We focus on educating and supporting our clients to help them make the best decisions for their families. Too often families procrastinate the importance of insurance and legal documents; we are here to help move the process forward. As an active part of our community, we are launching a new series of educational session designed to help get the ball rolling. These are open to the community and we encourage families to join us to learn and ask questions!

DCC (Downtown Community Center)
120 Warren St. New York, NY 10007

October 12th, October 19th & October 25th
All at 6:30pm

October 12th: Understanding Life Insurance for Your Family

Join Kellan Goldberg for a frank discussion about the different types of life insurance and how to determine which type is right for you and your family. Even if you already have insurance, we will go over the benefits of reviewing existing coverage and leveraging employer insurance. We will also discuss the process of obtaining insurance and other considerations to make when adding life insurance to your financial plan.


October 19th: Financially Savvy Kids

Learn fun exercises to teach your children about finances now and set them up to be financially savvy in the future. Join Kellan Goldberg for a discussion on what kids should know and how to start them on the right track through at home activities and proactive accounts for them to leverage when they’re older.


October 25th: The Legal Checklist - Wills, Guardians and Trusts...and how to use them!

Join Kellan Goldberg along with trusts and estates attorney Daniele Nodelman for an open discussion about the importance of legal documents and how best to utilize them. There is much confusion over how to structure your estate plan or basic wills, especially when considering young children. We will clarify and help you understand which documents make the most sense for you and your family.